Stephen T.

Very professional staff who really care. The residents there look happy and it never smells! Therapy and nursing staff are all sound great people. Highly recommended this to anyone who is looking for a place for a family member

Cyndi M

My grandmother has been recovering from hip surgery at Stonebrook for about a month now. The facility is nestled in a nice neighborhood with wheelchair access between streets & sidewalks. Maria is one of my grandmother's caregivers who is an inspiration to witness in action. She has great energy and is so amazing at being upbeat while doing so much to help others. Everyone I've seen working here is working hard; it is a demanding job to say the least. It's overwhelming seeing how much effort goes into helping my grandmother with everyday activities like bathing & going to the bathroom. Observing how it's done properly is helpful for me to learn as I'll be one of the caregivers helping when my grandmother comes home. There was a laundry issue with my grandmother's clothes going missing even when labeled. My mom decided to do the laundry instead of having it done there. I could see how it could be a problem if a patient does not have the help from family.

Kelly G

This place is excellent for someone like my mom who is rehabbing from a fall that left her with a compression fracture in her back. I am updating my review because it has now been two weeks - and I'm very happy to report that the PT and OT are top knotch and frequent. The CNA's and nurses are very skilled, kind, and compassionate . I would highly recommend Stonebridge

Stephanie I

My aunt had a great experience at Stonebrook. She was there for more than 3 weeks, recovering from a syncopal episode while they adjusted her blood pressure medications. Working in healthcare as an RN, I have heard horror stories from patients about care they received at various SNF's (skilled nursing facilities). In my mind, I thought that all SNF's were alike. Not the case. Everyone at Stonebrook was top notch--from Kenneth, the admissions director, to Minji, the Case Manager. PT/OT worked my aunt hard to get her back to being safe to return home. She even liked the food. The facility was clean and all staff involved were kind and respectful. The nursing staff were very approachable and the doctor overseeing her care was accessible. If any of my family members are in need of skilled nursing in the future, we would definitely choose to come back to Stonebrook.